What kind of battery is best to buy for the first time?

You don’t need to invest a lot of money to start playing the drums, today the market offers different solutions within reach of all budgets.

There are two types of drums:

– Acoustic Drums

The acoustic battery consists of drums, plates and mechanics, i.e. all the rods and metal supports that serve as support. In a basic set we will also have a pedal, which is used to play the bass drum (the largest drum that rests on the ground) and an adjustable stool.

In general, a complete set for beginners can cost from 350€ upwards.

– Electronic Drums

The electronic drum kit reproduces the structure and sounds of the “real” drums by means of drums of mixed material between plastic and rubber (also called “pads”), connected to a control unit that controls the various sounds.

You can then play at a very low volume, simply using a pair of headphones or an amplifier.

A basic model costs from 300€ upwards.

What is the difference between acoustic and electronic drums?

The biggest difference between an acoustic drum kit and an electronic drum kit is that the electronic drum kit produces little noise and is therefore ideal for those who cannot play at high volumes.

The electronic drum kit reproduces the sounds of “real” drums by means of drums made of a mixture of plastic and rubber (also called “pads”), connected to a control unit that controls the various sounds.

You can then practice using only a pair of headphones connected to the control unit itself.

The mid-range models upwards, also give the possibility to connect to the control unit a USB stick with their own songs, to practice on the tracks levelling at will the volume of the battery compared to the Mp3.

It is also possible to interface with a computer to easily record your performances. With an acoustic drum kit you would instead need to buy several microphones to get the same result.

These models take up less space than an acoustic battery, which makes them suitable for people living in small spaces. Furthermore, no maintenance or replacement of parts is required, as is often the case with acoustic sets (especially skins and plates).

Even the rods will have a longer life. The pads in fact, being made of rubbery material, do not spoil the wood of the sticks as do the metal plates on the acoustic battery.

What are the pros and cons of buying an electronic battery compared to an acoustic one?


  • Very controlled noise
  • You can practice with the headphones by adjusting the volume at will
  • Takes up less space than an acoustic model
  • Low costs for a basic model
  • No need to know how to tune the skins
  • Drumsticks last much longer
  • You can register your execution directly from the control unit
  • It is easily transportable
  • Low or no maintenance


  • The feeling is very different than an acoustic drum kit, even on semi-professional models
  • The pads are very small of a real drum
  • Economic models have poor mechanical strength and are easily damaged
  • It is necessary to buy an adequate amplification to perform live
  • Often the options for positioning the pads are very limited
  • From my point of view, the electronic drum kit is an excellent solution for those who have problems with space or neighborhood, but the advice I would give for those who have the opportunity, is definitely to start with the acoustic drum kit.

This is because with an acoustic drum kit it is easier to play and get all those nuances, those details that with an electronic drum kit, especially the cheapest, it is very difficult to reproduce in a realistic way.

How much does an electronic drum kit cost?

Here is a selection of good electronic drums, sorted by price range:

Models for beginners: from 200€ to 400€

  • Alesis DM Lite €275
  • Alesis Nitro €414
  • Behringer XD8 £442.38
  • Millennium MPS-250 USB E-Drum Set Bundle

Intermediate models: from 400€ to 800€

  • Roland TD1K
  • Alesis DM7X Session Kit
  • Alesis DM6
  • Yamaha DTX400
  • Roland TD-4KP – V-Drum Portable Set
  • KAT KT2 E-Drum Set Bundle

Semi-professional models: from 800 € upwards

  • Alesis DM10 Studio Mesh E-Drum Kit
  • Yamaha DTX522K Compact E-Drum Set
  • Roland TD-11K V-Drum Set

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