Christmas is coming and if you, like me, have a boyfriend, friend, partner or husband drummer (but why not, even a girl!) this is the article for you!

I suggest you to go on reading it and, if you want to be sure you don’t miss anything, armed with paper and pen because below you will find some really original gift ideas.

For every special occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, the first thought for a welcome gift to my dying drummer has always been an accessory or gadget that had to do with his greatest passion (after me it means!): the battery.

After having carefully cleaned the web, here is my list of the 10 ideal gifts for a drummer:

Drum sticks

Essential object for any drummer. All you need to do is know the brand and model so as not to make a mistake.

Check in our section Drumsticks if you find what is right for you.

Drum holder

Really very convenient and practical, so you always have at hand a pair of spare rods to be recovered in a moment.

Dreamndrum offers you this model.

Themed T-shirt

A nice T-shirt to show off at the next concert or at a simple outing with friends. Thought always welcome and above all useful!

I really liked this one but there are many more.


A drummer always knows where his sticks are. Those who receive this keychain as a gift will have no problem finding even the keys to the house or the car. A simple but original gadget.

Gripper fan

The sultry heat of summer or the lights of a stage can be a real pain for a drummer. Fortunately, little is needed to solve the problem: a clamp fan is what you need!


Original and colorful accessories that give character to the battery and make it stand out from the crowd.

Choose the color you love the most from those selected by Dreamndrum.

Mute Coach Pad

A drummer who wants to improve and refine his technique can’t do without a good pad as a training partner.

You’ll find it here!

Theme cup

A true passion involves totally and intertwines with the routines of everyday life. What better way to start the day or take a break than with a nice themed cup.

That’s my favorite!

Pencils / Drum Sticks

For those who don’t give up keeping up the pace even in the office, these pencils / sticks could be the turning point. A gift that allows you to combine the useful with the enjoyable.

I chose these, entirely in wood.

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