Intended for beginners, the new electronic drum kit from Roland is equipped with double mesh skins and very interesting teaching functions.

From its headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, Roland has announced its latest addition, the V-Drums TD-1DMK, an entry-level electronic drum set featuring the legendary and realistic sounds and great practicality typical of V-Drums models.

The TD-1DMK offers a wide variety of pre-selected drum sounds, without sacrificing a response that brings it closer to a real acoustic instrument, thanks to the now famous Roland branded double layer mesh pads. It also gives you access to powerful teaching functions and the free Melodics V-Drums training software for Mac/Windows systems, all in a compact kit (only 7 kilos in weight), which can be played in the quietest way with the headphones.

These features make the TD-1DMK the ideal choice for beginners and students, as well as for parents who would like to follow their children in their studies or in general any adult who perhaps started playing years ago and wanted to return to do so.

An intuitive tool

The TD-1DMK is a drum kit that allows you to start playing right away, and in the right way: the instrument is in fact easy to assemble and is very intuitive in its use. In just a few moments, users can start playing with a collection of 15 preset kits with authentic sound, allowing them to enjoy a realistic and engaging drumming experience right away.

Thanks to the internal didactic functions and to the Melodics software installed in the control unit, they learn the essential technical and theoretical notions improving every day that passes. The low weight also makes the TD-1DMK easy to move around the house or away, as needed.

Teaching functions

The TD-1DMK is particularly suited to developing a sense of rhythm: when a child is studying a musical instrument, it teaches discipline, determination and many other essential skills in life. Precision in execution and the ability to keep a constant tempo are key elements in drumming, and the internal metronome of the TD-1DMK and its 10 teaching functions are able to achieve full development, with an experience similar to the game, making each exercise fun and engaging.

The Melodics software for V-Drums further develops this aspect, with interactive drum lessons that increase the sense of rhythm in a simple and enjoyable way.

How about the acoustic drum kit

With its extraordinary feel and natural response, the TD-1DMK supports the development of the traditional techniques needed to become a ‘real’ drummer. Thanks to the fast processing and incredibly realistic acoustic sounds of the kits in the module, the TD-1DMK faithfully responds to the subtle nuances of a performance, translating even the slightest dynamic variations into sound.

Compared to other mesh skins, Roland’s dual-layer snare and tom skins offer the ability to adjust tension, while also providing a natural and realistic rebound, very close to that of an acoustic drum. The TD-1DMK case pad, compatible with standard single and dual pedals, has a rubber surface that absorbs sash noise, maintaining a natural acoustic response.

And, speaking of noise, the TD-1DMK pads are the quietest in circulation, allowing students to practice for long periods without restrictions.

Time to play again

The TD-1DMK is not only the perfect solution to start your drum adventure, but also the easiest way to bring this wonderful instrument back into your life: from internal tracks in a variety of genres to connecting your smartphone, from the module to play on your favorite tracks to lessons on the Web, users can have fun and practice at the same time, quickly turning on or turning on their passion.

The ability to play quietly with headphones also allows you to dive completely without disturbing family members or neighbors. The TD-1DMK retains the ruggedness and reliability that made the V-Drums famous, ensuring the pleasure of playing without problems for many years to come. And as your ambitions and skills grow, you can always add an extra crash cymbal or upgrade your sound module.

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