The battery is one of the main instruments of a self-respecting band. Without it most of the songs would lose their meaning, appearing all the same, without rhythm and energy. Article by Bishonen Works.

Among the many components that make up the drum kit certainly the choice of dishes is the most important. There are so many dimensions, shapes and materials to allow every drummer to find the most suitable one.

Let’s see what are the elements to consider for your choice!

The choice of cymbals for the drums

Before you fall into the trap of buying cymbals for your battery, we recommend that you understand the main features that distinguish them:

  • The shape, or rather the curvature of the cymbals that determines the tonality: the flatter the curve, the lower the sound.
  • The weight, which influences the way you play. In fact, the heavier the cymbals are and the longer it takes to respond to the touch. Also the weight affects the overall tone: if you want to get a high sound you have to use heavier cymbals.
  • The size: on which depends the speed of response and damping, in addition to the volume of the cymbals: the larger they are, the greater the volume of the sound.

These are the characteristics that determine the sound, volume and vibration speed of the cymbals. Based on this, we can tell you that the pieces that can not miss to your drum kit are:

  • A Ride cymbal, heavy to sustain the rhythm
  • A lighter Crash plate, to make the particular passages more evident
  • The Charleston cymbals, which give that chip sound that can not miss.

And if you really don’t want to miss anything, then you have to buy a gong, so I would have completed the sound range of your drums.

You’ll see, the choice of cymbals for the drums will be as exciting as the choice of sticks to play it.

Buying Guide: Practical Tips

If you already own some cymbals for your battery, we recommend that you take them into account when purchasing new pieces. Don’t you want to risk getting confused and buying two identical cymbals?

A good way to proceed with your choice, especially if you’re new to the game, is to buy sets of already made plates. In this way you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different shapes, weights and sizes and understand which are the dishes that reflect your personality. In a second moment you can concentrate on the choice of specific dishes and with particular characteristics, having fun composing yourself a set that characterizes you.

Composed of a Hi Hat 14″ plate, a Crash 18″ plate and a practical bag in which to store them. These are professional plates, produced with quality material that resists over time. The sound and tonalities they reproduce are appreciated by the majority of drummers.

The set 2 of Yuwin differs in completeness and diversity of sound. It consists of a Hi Hat 14″ cymbal, a Crash 16″ cymbal, a Ride 20″ cymbal and a comfortable bag. As you may have noticed, in addition to the indispensable Ride platter, the set includes a lighter Crash platter, which will prove more practical to use.

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