Schlagwerk’s Cajon stand – but does it really work? You can see here, I advise the best types of drums.

Ergo Cajon adapter is support found among the products and accessories of the German cajoles site.

Once again he imitates high-quality accessories but offers cheap and perhaps non-functional accessories.

What should cajon support really do?

The support or support for cajon, born from the need of professional cajon players, is used to tilt the cajon while playing.

The advantage of tilting the cajon tends to improve one’s playing for a variety of reasons.

  1. The natural sitting position is uncomfortable and after some time there are back pains that in the long run risk causing damage to the musician’s health.
  2. The tilted cajon improves monitoring because the sound of the fingers is directly projected towards the ears.
  3. The use of cajon brushes is facilitated due to the fact that the instrument is closer to the arms.
  4. The low frequencies are increased.

Now let’s see what the support Ergo cajon adapter Shlagwerk offers about all this

1. The inclination of the Ergo cajon is not sufficient to solve the back problem.

Ergo cajon Schlagwerk inclines the cajon by about 4-5 ° with respect to the fixed position while the inclination sought by the percussionists is 10-20 °

2. The inclination does not bring the cajon towards the percussionist’s arms.

The paradox of the Ergo cajon is that if it slightly tilts the cajon towards the percussionist, the latter sits on the piano that is placed behind the cajon. The result is that if you approach the 3 cm cajon, sitting backward, you move away from 30.

3. The use of the doors becomes more difficult.

The farther you are from cajon, the more uncomfortable it is to play with brushes.

4. The use of the ergo cajon excludes the use of other accessories such as the cajon pedal or the rear microphone.

Even if the other accessories are also proposed by Schlagwerk you are forced to use either the support or the microphone or the pedal individually.

5. Ergo cajon does not increase the bass of the cajon because it is closed behind and the inclination is not enough to project the sound on the floor to increase its resonance.

Fortunately, there are on the market cajon supports that without distorting the natural sound of the instrument really offer the solution to the needs of ever more demanding percussionists.

Since the others are professional instruments they cost a little more than Schlagwerk’s toys, but they are intended for a public of professional percussionists who tend to search for the optimal solution without compromise. Unfortunately, we lost the greatest cymbal smith “Roberto Spizzichino” Pocket drumming – playing drums “In the pocket 

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