Are you thinking about the best children’s acoustic drums?

It is easy for a child to show great passion for music and especially for rhythmics. Choose good snare wires.

Have you ever seen children who simulate drums with makeshift means, such as pots, glasses, toys and tables?

Why not buy them acoustic drums directly?

There are several models available in the sector, from those more similar to toys, to those more based on a higher target and intended for older children.

The problem when choosing a product of this type is to come across products that are real toys, of poor construction quality and that are not able to accompany the child on a path of musical growth.

To be sure to choose a quality product it is necessary to pay attention to the solidity of the materials used, if poplar wood is used for the drums, for example, it will be a clear synonym of quality and resistance, while plastic components will clearly be components poor quality.

In this article we present our choices based on age but also height, followed by a complete guide that will answer all your questions and doubts you may have.

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Best Acoustic Drums For Children – The Choices Of Cassesenzafili.Com

Among the different models that you find in the following reviews (we have selected the best products in the sector for you), the XDrum Junior Pro Battery for Children certainly deserves a special mention, which appears to be the most complete of the lot, thanks to its 7 pieces that offer good versatility and great dynamism.

A valid alternative is the latest model reviewed, the BDK-1 Full-Size Beginner Battery by Gear4music, which boasts great constructive robustness and gives the possibility of being used for several years, involving children up to 11 years of age, an aspect that should definitely be taken into consideration. in the selection phase.XDrum Junior Pro Children’s Drum Kit, Silver.

Reviews Of Acoustic Drums For Children

Here are the best children’s acoustic drum models.

It is difficult to identify price ranges as it is easy to go from simple and pure toys (with an average price of less than 100-120 euros) to more structured products with prices starting from 180-200 euros.

However, we present some models that can offer different solutions, although some may be very similar.

They are certainly among the best children’s acoustic drums on the market, characterized by good value for money and good acoustic versatility.

XDrum Session Junior Acoustic Drums For Children

This model is ideal for giving children a quality acoustic drums at a reasonable price , even if the product is suitable for those who really feel the rhythmic vocation.

It is certainly not an acoustic drums for 2-year-olds, but it is intended for a slightly more grown up and independent audience, from 3 years upwards.

The quality-price ratio is really optimal, especially considering that the construction takes place with important and quality materials, completely similar to those used for more professional batteries.

One of the most important aspects of this set of drums concerns the adjustments , which are possible in various sizes, to follow the growth of the child.

It is not the classic product you buy, it lasts a year and then you have to replace it because it is small: what you buy today you can allocate to use in the following years since the XDrum Session Junior children’s battery grows proportionally to the subject.

If there are two or more children in the family, it is possible to take advantage of the position memory : the Memory Lock system allows, in fact, to recall the most suitable setting based on who has to play, avoiding adjustments each time to find the right positioning of the drums .

The latter are made of wood and covered in bright red glossy plastic.

The package contains the height-adjustable stool , the bass drum, the pedal, a snare drum, two drums, a cymbal, the adjustable supports and the sticks, as well as a DVD to learn the techniques suitable for beginners.

Unfortunately, the assembly instructions are missing, as those who have already purchased the model complained, but we must say that everything is very intuitive.

XDrum Session Junior Acoustic Drums for Children

  • Drums produced with fine woods and red lipstick plastic coating
  • Included: stool, kick drum, pedal, snare drum, 2 toms, cymbal and sticks
  • Great for beginners
  • The workmanship is as professional as in large batteries
  • Customizable adjustments for growing children

EUR 170.77See on Amazon Italy Prices Updated 2020-10-30 at 02:42

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  • Quality of materials
  • Price
  • Adjustments, Complete equipment
  • Memory Lock system.

Versus :

  • Lack of assembly instructions
  • Not suitable for two young children of age

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